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Have you ever dreamed of driving an extremely modified plane, which is nothing more than a killing machine? Fly and race your plane in 3D environments, now in a survival fighter plane racing game. Play with custom WWII planes in a challenging racing environment with exciting levels, power-ups and real 3D physical environments. The best warplane simulator around! [experience in PC]

MAIN FEATURES - Complete career system - Backup cooling system - Enemy AI - Air combat system with 5 weapons (machine gun, missile, mines, shields and repairs) - Alternative routes / shortcuts - Single player and 2 player modes - 3 modes unique gameplay (Championship, Arcade and Time Trial) -3 difficulty levels -Local ranking -Unlock system: items or tracks are unlocked as the player progresses -Fantastic knockdowns And most of all, fun for you!
INSTRUCTION - Arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) Keys for player 1 - Turn: Left | Right | up | Down - Booster: X - Rest: C - Power: Space - Camera: N - Pause: P or Exit Player 2 movement keys - WASD keys (W, A, S, D) Player 2 keys You can also set your own keys.
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