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Discover the colorful and fun matching game - start your exciting journey with Gemmy the Squirrel! To restore the ruined edge and the forest world, you must clean the area, rebuild and discover all the buildings and decorations. Complete Match-3 levels and earn coins for building. [Click On "Settings" Button to Change Language]

One day, when the inhabitants of the forest wake up, they discover that at night someone destroyed the edge of the entire forest and is now in ruins. But what's worse: Jimmy, the squirrel's brother, Johnny, is gone. Help a small but brave squirrel find his brother! The path will not be easy: you, together with Jimmy, will have to talk to all the inhabitants of the forest, reconstruct the events of last night and go on an adventure to other worlds. You, Jamie and her friends will travel from one world to another, learn new details about the mysterious disappearance of her brother and other characters, and meet the inhabitants of other worlds. Match Adventure
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