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Terms & Condition

Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

This is our terms and condition page. Please read all information carefully before accessing this site. By visiting this site, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

> Wondergames does not develop games, it is a game publisher platform.

> All the games on wondergames are made by different game developing company.

> All the games are available on the game owner's servers. wondergames just gives you access to it for free.

> All the games are based on html5 technology so you can play it on your browser. You can check whether your browser supports htms5 at https://html5test.com/.
Any game will be available on wondergames as long as its developer places it on their servers.

> The game distributor promotes ads like youtube for the financial interest of himself and his publisher. You have the same option as on YouTube whether you want to watch the entire ad or skip it after 5 seconds.

> Wondergames respects your privacy that's why most of the games here do not ask you for your personal details. Still, there are some exclusive games where you can give some of your details to improve your game experience. Like your email id. wondergames advises you to use only your secondary or tertiary email here. 

> Wondergames has no authority over any details you give on the games and wondergames will not be responsible for how your details will be used.

> In many exclusive games you can spend money for extra coins, moves or points etc. If you do any such transaction and any problem comes between you and any game in future then wondergames will not be a part of it. However, you can use the video for extra points, coins or moves etc. After watching it completely, you will get some points, coins etc.

> The purpose of wondergames is to create a platform for gamers keeping in mind their financial interests, where they can enjoy high quality games without installing any apps.
> wondergames is hosted on a highly secure server so we are hopeful that you will be able to enjoy hundreds of games without any security threats.

> The games available on wondergames can store game-related data in your own browser using cookies. So that the next time you open the same game, you can start it from where you left it.

> Except some games available on wondergames, all games run online, so some internet data may be lost while playing the game.

> The Terms and Conditions are subject to change without any prior notice by Wondergames keeping in mind the interest of itself and the visitors.

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