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Get ready for the most brutal and most exciting racing game of your life. You can try to reach checkpoints on time, score a certain number of points in a certain time limit, drive a certain distance in a certain time limit, and much more. So if you want some fun and excitement, then gear up and play Traffic Jam 3D! [For Best experience play in PC]

Features: - Simple gameplay - Graphics and eye-catching effects - Upgrade over twenty super cars with a variety of factory specs and test engine, brakes and handling to improve performance. - Gear ratio, ride height, front and rear belt are adjustable. - Choose from different color schemes. - Change the color of the car and wheels. - If you want more information about your driving style, go to Driver Point and Driver Stats. -Four difficult situations: Career, Infinity, Against Time, Free-In Carrier, try unlocking all 80 levels. -You can choose to travel in highway, desert, or city infinity, against time, and free scenarios. -Morning, evening and night driving. -One-way or two-way guide
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