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Assemble the best team of heroes in the kingdom and fight the army of the Dark Lord: orcs, goblins, sorcerers and other evil spirits. 

- Choose a hero you like best! - Explore and improve artifacts: knives, swords, bow and arrows. 

- Take on your band of heroes with the army of zombies, thieves, orcs, pirates and assassins. - Defend your municipality from other players. 

- Develop and protect a castle in your township. - Choose a target and attack another player's castle. 

- Put your band of heroes against other players' teams in the player versus player (pvp) arena and become a champion! 

- The story of the great war consists of 3 episodes. Each episode is filled with interesting twists in the story. 

- Get rewards and tap tap tap to upgrade your knight, assassin or other hero. They are no longer idle heroes, they are legends of the arena! ;) [experience it now]

Instruction  - The goal of the game is to assemble the best team of heroes to complete the story raid to the end and defeat other players in the tournament. Collect 5 hero cards to recruit him. To attack a team of opponents in the raid, click on it or the FIGHT button. On the battlefield, arrange your heroes in the desired order and click the FIGHT button. If necessary, you can also set the movement speed of each hero. To do this, click on the hero and rotate the cursor.

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