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The hero acts as a mercenary who is sent to the edge of the kingdom. He uses combat and magic skills, explores the fantasy world, develops a hero and warriors, towers, aura, magic, weapons. He explores and creates magical items. Raise a dragon or a cerberus. [play in pc]

Instruction -  ★ Defend the kingdom, stop the waves of enemies. ★ Three factions (Order, Undead, Chaos). ★ Unlimited development of the hero and warriors. ★ Crafting of items, traits and abilities. ★ Explore the dungeon. ★ Get a pet: dragon, cerberus, luther. ★ Develop magic, aura, study in weapons mastery schools. ★ Defend the city, attack the caravans, free the conquered cities. ★ Compete with other players in the arena or conquer the kingdom and collect tributes. ★ Capture resource mines and upgrade defense towers. ★ Multiplayer PVP, PVE, MOBA in version (Android, IOS, PC). ★ The created hero is compatible with all versions and can be transferred using the hero login in the game options.
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